PAYG credit: 10 hours of Live B2B & Virtual Festival

PAYG credit: 10 hours of Live B2B & Virtual Festival

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A block of pre-paid credit for use all current and future features:

This credit does not expire, so is ideal for users who play less regularly.


Live B2B

  • Dedicated hardware to capture and ensure sync’d audio
  • Support for variable quality Internet connections
  • Use any DJ setup - turntables, DVS, and controllers are all supported
  • Beatmatch with confidence; whatever you hear through your monitors will be what the audience hears
  • Support up to four connected DJs
  • Cue Mix; forget the monitors and do everything in headphones if you prefer
  • Web-based mixer with shared crossfader and separate EQ for each DJ
  • ‘The Green Button’ - move from sync’d mode (guaranteed stable latency) to near-zero-latency without the Internet audience noticing - loops, slicing and scratching are all possible
  • Microphone support to the audience and other connected DJs (‘Booth’ style)
  • Hardware VU meter on the unit
  • Built-in speed test to check your Internet connectivity
  • Icecast server built-in - listen to your set output with any browser, VLC, or even WinAMP

Virtual Festival:

  • Full-screen playback of either DJ
  • Two simultaneous DJ's on screen
  • Upload your own background and border images
  • AV sync when used with Live B2B
  • Full 1080p / 5Mbps RTMP output
  • Placeholder 'intro' scene
  • Option for a third 'MC' or Festival Director as a 'picture in picture' or full-screen source
  • Multistream to four RTMP destinations of your choice - no restrictions
  • Extra 'Silent Stream' for Facebook users; publish without fear of copyright takedown - includes your custom overlay text
  • Low latency - Virtual Festival typically adds only one second
  • Caption generator for 'Intro', 'DJ' and 'Both' scenes
  • Real-time 'director' view with live audio; sound check before you switch to the next DJ
  • Use OBS / XSplit / vMix or any other RTMP source
  • Built-in speed test to check your Internet connectivity
  • Built-in file manager for easy uploads