Pair of hardware units

Pair of hardware units

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Essential to the operation of the Live B2B feature, the hardware unit captures CD-quality audio from your DJ equipment and synchronises it with other users connected to the same Cloud Mixer.

It contains six phono input sockets for:

- Stereo input of the MASTER output from your mixer or controller

- Stereo input from the HEADPHONE output from your mixer or controller

- (Optional) Stereo input for a voiceover microphone


Further, eight phono output sockets are provided:

- Stereo output for the 'broadcast' audio - whatever is heard from OUT1 is what the audience will hear

- Output for your headphone cue, guaranteed to be in sync with the other DJs

- A 120bpm metronome to verify audio setup

- 'Pass-through' of your MASTER input, not mixed with any remote players


The 'green button' is an active/passthru switch. The audience won't hear any clicks or dropouts, but it means your local audio will be played back in your studio without any delay. Perfect for DJ's who scratch, slice or play with loops!


Each unit features an eight-block VU meter to make finding your levels easy - keep it in the yellow for the best results.


If you need two different regions of power supply, just let me know via the 'Notes' area during checkout.